Windows Phone 7 from Klout

Why I Misspell in my #WP7 Tweets

Just got the new Samsung Focus from Klout for being an influential tech person in Chicago.  First impression: the OS is gorgeous, but man, the autocorrect is awful.  Perfect example – type oh-space-e as if you wanted to type “one” and the phone just leaves it as “o e”.  I could forgive that if the space bar wasn’t THE BIGGEST KEY ON THE ENTIRE KEYBOARD and it’s located right next to the N, just begging my finger to hit it by accident. I’d post pictures of all the wonky app user experience problems, but Windows Phone 7 doesn’t have the…

Why I Avoid Training Labs

When I read Tom LaRock’s post about training I had a Carly Simon moment – I was pretty sure his blog was about me. He said, “I see the phrase ‘SQL Server training’ tossed around a lot these days and often times it makes me want to stick a fork in my eye…”


Hi. I’m Brent.

That's me, Brent.

I live in Las Vegas, Nevada. I'm on an epic life quest to have fun and make a difference.

I co-founded Brent Ozar Unlimited to help make your SQL Server go faster. I also maintain sp_Blitz® and the open source First Responder Kit repo.

My current car collection includes a 1986 Ferrari 328 GTS, a 1964 Porsche 356, a 1971 VW Type 3 Squareback, and more.

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