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I make Microsoft SQL Server go faster and share what I learn along the way.

I build tools and communities
that get people talking.

I’m on an epic life quest
to make a difference
and enjoy the ride.

I work to make databases easy and fun.

When I got started with SQL Server, I was so frustrated with the dry, boring training material. Databases are hard enough to learn as it is without struggling to pay attention through droning technical details. I want to make your job suck less, so I build stuff like:

SQL Server First Responder Kit

It shouldn’t be so hard to find out if your SQL Server is set up correctly or not, so I built sp_Blitz to check your SQL Server’s health instantly, and open sourced it on Github.


I wanted an easier way to share execution plans online to get help, so we built Paste the Plan with AWS Lambda, DynamoDB, and S3.


What’s the latest service pack and cumulative update for Microsoft SQL Server? Many folks are surprised to hear that it’s not in Windows Update.

I’m a consultant with great stories.

I manage Brent Ozar Unlimited, a boutique firm that makes Microsoft SQL Server faster and more reliable. I want to build the kind of company you’d love to work with. I write my technical stuff over there, and I write my small business advice and career stuff over here.

I have lots of real-world experience and out-of-this-world battle scars. Every scar has a fun story, though, so now when you want to do something in SQL Server, I can make you laugh while explaining how to avoid injuries like mine.

I’d worked my way up in the hotel industry to the General Manager position so that I was running my own hotels. However, no matter how high up you go in hospitality, sooner or later, you’re working weekends and holidays.

Tired of emergencies that consisted of changing sheets and making omelettes, I left the hospitality business and became a budget analyst and network administrator for a hotel management company.

I love teaching database administrators and developers about SQL Server.

I love the incredible rush of seeing someone “get it” – especially when “it” is a really complex concept that they’ve struggled with for years. This drives me to seek out the toughest concepts that stump people in the real world, and come up with new ways of distilling it down to its simplest parts.

Watch Brent Tune Queries

Query tuning is more art than science because there’s so many different ways you can arrive at so many different conclusions. There’s rarely just one right answer.

So how do you teach art? By doing it, and showing the audience your creative thinking process. This session changes so much based on the audience, too, as different attendees ask questions about techniques they’d like to try.

PASS Summit 2017: “But It Worked in Development!”

My favorite part of teaching is the ah-ha moment when the light bulb goes on, but a close second favorite is the ha-ha moment when someone laughs out loud in the middle of learning. People need a good mix of the ah-has and ha-has in order to stay focused and keep absorbing. This session has a lot of the ha-has.

To contact me, email BrentO@BrentOzar.com.