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Drinking a Granny’s Day Off at @fiveleavesny.
Pics from @ferrari_1966 with the state of my Ferrari 328’s mechanicals. Consider this the “before” round. Gonna be a good steward of this steed. #mojaveferraris
yes yes but is your louis vuitton case customized with star wars
The restaurant in the Armani store in NYC is so much better than we expected. I’d eat every course again.
fashion bitches
Adorable speedy bathtub. #porsche356speedster #356speedster #speedster
Loved having this for a while, but passed it on to another collector. Between this, the Jag, the Speedster replica, and the Ferrari, I had too many two-seaters.
Another fun night at @ebyjoseandres. Always good to see @thymecop, @hella.nopal, @evonmartinez_, @pastry_wolf, @celiney_tini_, @the_kellysomm, and the crew.
The good news is that the cabinets went in quickly. The bad news is we have to wait 6-8 weeks now for the countertops. (sigh)
Woohoo! Kitchen renovation is finally starting. Gutting the entire thing.
Behind the scenes home office tour for a blog post this week.
Road tripping through Valley of Fire this morning.
Breakfast with the Madeira folks.
Surfers out in Tel Aviv.
Made it to Tel Aviv, and woke up from the jet lag nap. Time to walk the beach, get a drink, watch the sun set.
Tiny passenger.