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Dinner at é with @amtwo, @mattdmaxwell, @kenjimallon, and @yiives.
After dinner with @kenjimallon, Andy, Matt, and @yiives
Goofing off at @gucci in the Wynn with @yiives, @faithpicozzi, and @filip.milenkovic.
She’s a 10, but so is her gas mileage. #jaguar #jaguarxkrs #xkrs
Parts are in from Italy, and @ferrari_1966 is goin’ to work.
Brent and Yves’ 2022 Orphan Holiday Party.
Someone’s been a very good boy. Not me though. Beni.
Beni wishes you a very joyous and dignified 2023.
Looking back at my top 9 for 2022.