Doug DeMuro Reviewed My Jaguar XKR-S

Doug DeMuro is a YouTuber who reviews cars in a different way: he doesn’t focus on their 0-60 times or their gas mileage, but rather their quirks & features. He also doesn’t just review new cars: he reviews weird cars, old affordable cars, and yes, exotics. Doug happens to live in San Diego, so I left him access to my Jaguar XKR-S while I’m out of the country for a while. He just published his video review of it: I wondered how he was even going to make a whole video about it because I didn’t think it had that…

Iceland Tourist Tips

We’ve been living in Iceland for a few months now. I don’t wanna rehash the stuff you’ll find in typical tourist advice, but rather talk about stuff that I’d wanna hear if I was starting to plan a vacation to the land of fire and ice. Start your vacation planning with Mads Peter Iversen’s YouTube playlist. Mads Peter Iversen is a landscape photographer who extensively documents his work, and his videos give you better perspective for the size of the country and the kinds of attractions you’re interested in seeing. Sure, there are plenty of other attractions – whale watching…

Epic Life Quest: Level 15 Completed.

Life’s little moments of success can pass us by so easily. If we don’t track the things we’re proud of, we lose track of how far we’ve come. Steve Kamb’s Epic Quest of Awesome inspired me to build my own Epic Life Quest. I keep track of achievements, and after five significant tasks, I level up. Yesterday, we finished off another 5 tasks for Level 15, and this feels like The Iceland Level. We moved to Iceland in January 2021, and we treated it as half vacation, half work. I alternate my time in sprints between work and play: 2-3 weeks in a rental…

Things I Love About Teleworking in Iceland

We moved to Iceland in January to work remotely, and there’s a lot about it that feels like we’re living in the future. It’s an easy transition for Americans. Cars drive on the right side, English is spoken by enough folks in enough places, but the dominant language is still Icelandic, so it still feels like a foreign country. English is spoken, but rarely written – store signs are almost always in Icelandic, which presents a bit of a problem during the pandemic. I often find myself standing at a door, looking at a sign with a big wall of…
Black Friday 2019 sales goal

How the Company-Startup Thing Worked Out For Me, Year 9

It’s time for my annual update on the wild ride. If you want to catch up, check out past posts in the Brent Ozar Unlimited tag. This post covers year 9 of the company: May 2019 to April 2020. As a quick reminder, COVID-19 reared its ugly head late in year 9. I started year 9 with a new toy. In year 8, I made tough decisions and worked my ass off to secure the future of the company. I’d laid off the consulting employees, then worked a lot of weekends and late nights to build up a financial safety…

How Iceland’s Dealing with COVID-19

When Erika & I started planning our move to Iceland last year, COVID-19 was by far and away the big motivation. We didn’t expect to be eligible for a vaccine in California anytime soon, so we wanted to socially distance somewhere for a while. Iceland’s a great place to socially distance because they have a low population density, great Internet connectivity (so I could keep working), and the government seemed to be taking COVID-19 pretty seriously right from the get-go. The government runs twice-weekly briefings. They’re very open about what challenges they’re facing and what solutions they’re considering. @Iceland_Review live-tweets…

We Bought a New Land Rover Defender in Iceland.

When started planning to move to Iceland for a while, we had to decide what to drive – and we picked it out long before we got here. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Brent Ozar (@brento) If we were just staying in the capital city Reykjavik, we’d just rent a normal small car. However, we’re staying in a rental house in the countryside in the north of Iceland, and we’re staying during the winter. Even the long dirt driveway has hills that would challenge a regular small car. Our neighbor plows our driveway out with a…

How to Get a Kennitala and an Electronic ID in Iceland (For US Citizens)

In Iceland, a kennitala is the equivalent of a US Social Security Number. It’s a personal identification number, and everybody’s got one. Kennitalas are required all over the place – getting a cell phone plan, opening a bank account, getting car insurance, even registering a TV for its warranty. An electronic ID builds atop that: it’s like a country-wide single-sign-on system that lets you authenticate for stuff and sign contracts. Apply for a kennitala before you fly to Iceland. You’re going to want to start this process at least a week before you arrive in Iceland if you wanna hit…

How to Get Icelandic Teleworker Visas

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Brent Ozar (@brento) We made it into Iceland today with our brand new Icelandic teleworker visas! We wanted to move to Iceland for a while for a few reasons: they’re doing such an excellent job of controlling COVID-19, life is going on normally (bars & restaurants & museums are open), they have phenomenal internet connectivity (gig fiber everywhere), and it’s just a beautiful place to visit year-round. As Americans, if we want to get into Iceland, we have a few choices: Just drop in as a tourist for 90 days –…

We Bought a 2013 Jaguar XKR-S.

Let’s get a few awkward things out of the way: yes, I’m also keeping Helmut, my 2019 Porsche 911 Targa. Yes, I still telecommute, and no, I definitely don’t need another car. I haven’t even put 5,000 miles on Helmut in the ~18 months that I’ve owned him. Yes, we’re still moving to Iceland for a while. Yes, taxes on imported cars in Iceland are extraordinarily expensive, like 70% of the car’s price. Jaguar XKR-S Alright, with those out of the way, let’s talk Jags. Today in America, Jaguar isn’t the first brand name you think of when you think…

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