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I have a chair at my window so Beni can watch the neighborhood while I work. When I hear stuff going on outside, I open the window so he can talk to the other dogs.
Yay! This month’s care package from @kellysomm arrived, stocking up in advance for @blythehelene coming to town.
Morning coffee run to @mothershipcoffee.
Taking Beni out for a coffee run before it gets too hot for the convertible.
Achievement unlocked: @dougdemuro has now made fun of the back seats in two of my cars. His review of the quirks & features in my 944 Turbo just went live.
Today’s blog post is about using Stable Diffusion to generate database documentation, and I think I speak for all of us when I say your documentation needs more anime.
For Tuesday’s blog post, I’m generating images with AI. Tom Cruise is reviewing your data model, and he has some questions.
Waiting for dinner.
Good morning from 1988.
Sabine going for a ride. Something’s off with the engine, leaking oil.
Checking the beach at sunrise for baby turtles.