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Who needs a formal dining room anyway?
Dropping off the Speedster replica at the Beetle Barn to have a few things done, including a luggage rack.
Monthly Jaguar club meetup, brought the convertible XKRS this time.
Getting close! We have a usable kitchen and bar now, working on the drywall, lighting, paint, wallpaper, and decor.
Alright, party people, it’s Friday. I brought the ice cube. Who brought the booze?
The Nevada DMV rejected my JAAAAG vanity plate request for this one – too confusing for the police, they said. Fair enough. Ideas? #jaguar #jaguarxkrs #jaguarxk #xkrs
At @carsundkaffee.
I’m that pet dad now.
#passdatacommunitysummit workshop time!
Shout out to Daniel Hutmacher for bringing me an adorable desktop version of the Stockholm Lions.
Day 1 of #passdatacommunitysummit with @itzikbengan’s workshop.
Post-dinner browsing at Versace.